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The Photographers Wiki - To be a Photographer is to be a fan of Photography

The Photographers Wiki is a user generated catalogue of Photography projects including books, exhibitions and published photo essays. We hope to inform those looking to expand there knowledge of photography, and inspire those looking to create something amazing. This Wiki specifically looks at the works produced by published contemporary photographers who work with concept driven projects.

This project is straight off the starting blocks with only a few entries so far, so please get involved, editing, adding pages and spreading the word.

Please note: This Wiki is currently published on a subdomain of my personal website. Once the project gets going i will publish the site to its own domain

How To Add a Page

To add a page to the Photographers Wiki simply search the photographers name, if non exists click "Create the page "Photographers Name" on this wiki!"

Each entry should include a very brief bio of the photographer followed by there most accomplished works including an outline of each project. Following this an extensive list of publications and exhibitions can be included.

In this format the user can not only research by photographer, but search by the content of there work.